European Technology Policy Fellowship 2022 

Training for Good is seeking applicants for the European Technology Policy Fellowship 2022. This programme enables promising EU citizens to launch careers focused on regulating high-priority emerging technologies, especially AI and cybersecurity. 


Selected applicants will receive policy-focused training and mentorship through one of two tracks.

  • Track 1: Fellows will be matched with a host organisation for a 3-4 month fully-funded placement between September and December 2022.

  • Track 2: Fellows will receive application support and guidance to pursue a career in the European Commission, party politics or related policy jobs in Europe.



Study Group
July 18 - August 28

Part-time remote study group of AI governance and technology policy fundamentals.


4 hours of reading and 1 hour of group discussion each week.

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Policy Training
September 5-9

An intensive week of guest speakers, workshops and networking events in Brussels.

Travel and accommodation costs will be fully covered.

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(Track 1 only)
September - December

3-4 month fully-funded placement with a partner institution.

Fellows will gain experience and build a strong network. 

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Application Support
(Track 2 only)

Application support for a position in the European Commission, party politics or related policy roles.

1 month stipends are available to explore and apply for such roles.


During the study group and the policy training, fellows will spend 60+ hours engaging with the following topics:

  • AI Governance

    • Avoiding short term risks (eg. recommender systems and discriminatory algorithms)​

    • Long term risks (eg. artificial general intelligence alignment)

    • AI & geopolitics

  • European Policy

    • European institutions & policy roles

    • EU Competition Law

    • Law making process

    • Brussels Effect

    • Writing policy proposals

  • Cybersecurity Policy

    • Fundamentals of cybersecurity

    • Cybersecurity and international conflicts​

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Available for track 1 only.


Each placement will be unique. Fellows will be matched with a partner organisation based on the needs of the organisation and the fellows' skills. Both fellows and host organisations are consulted in the matching process to find the best fit. 

  • Partner organisations will host fellows, physically or remote.

  • Placements will typically last 3-4 months between September and December 2022.

  • Fellows will have one or more designated task(s) / practical assignment(s) with clear goals.

  • Fellows will participate in team meetings and other relevant activities to provide a good impression of what a career in this field would entail.

  • Training For Good will arrange stipends for all fellows during these placements.

Host organisations include The Future Society, Centre for European Policy Studies, and NLAI Coalition (among others). 



Available for track 2 only.

Support and guidance will be provided for those wishing to pursue a position at the European Commission, in party politics or in another policy role.

  • Fellows will receive a 1 month stipend to explore and apply for policy roles focused on emerging technology in Europe.

  • Fellows will participate in career decision workshops to determine which policy roles they might have high personal fit for.

  • Fellows will receive feedback on their CVs and interview training.

  • Training for Good will provide feedback on fellows' applications.

  • Connections and mentorship opportunities from others working in emerging technology policy in European.

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Who should apply?

Ideal candidates for this fellowship might have: 

  • Excellent academic records and relevant extracurricular activities

  • A strong interest / educational background in policy, technology or artificial intelligence

  • A desire to maximize the good they do with their careers

In addition to the above, we expect that:

  • Many candidates will be recent graduates or current students nearing the end of their studies. 

  • Some applicants will have a technical background. This is seen as a plus, but is by no means a requirement. Additional pre-reading materials will be shared where needed.

This fellowship is only open to EU citizens. If you’re interested in similar US-focused programmes, we recommend the Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellowship.


When exactly does the programme start?

The readings will be sent out by the end of June and the weekly discussion groups will begin in the week of July 18 2022. The bootcamp will run for one week from either Monday 29th August or Monday 5th September.

How much are the stipends?

Modest stipends are available to cover living and relocation costs. We expect most stipends to be between €1,250 and €1,750 per month (though will take individual circumstances into consideration).

  • For track 1, stipends are available for up to 4 months while participating in placements.

  • For track 2, stipends are available for up to 1 month while exploring and applying for policy roles.

Can I apply if I’m not from the EU?
No, unfortunately this fellowship is only open to EU citizens. In future, we may run similar programmes for other geographies such as the UK or Switzerland.

interaction in class

Partner Organisations


Advancing the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for the benefit of humanity


Researching solutions to the challenges facing Europe today.


Accelerating and connecting AI developments and initiatives in the Netherlands.

Applications will close on 19th April. The application process includes:

  • An application form (deadline April 19th).

  • A 1-2 hour test task.

  • A 30-60 minute interview with Training for Good and/or your host organisation.

Please contact with any questions.