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Jan-Willem van Putten

Co-founder & Director

Jan-Willem previously founded multiple non profits and social enterprises, including The Next School, a Dutch start-up using data to improve educational institutions. He's a reformed management consultant, having worked at OC&C and EY Parthenon for over three years and previously served as the Director of Effective Altruism Netherlands.


Jan-Willem has many interesting facts (some of which we may even list here one day).


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Cillian Crosson

Co-founder & Director

Cillian studied Mathematics and English Literature at Trinity College Dublin, where he was awarded €35,000 in scholarships for academic excellence. He has five years experience delivering training programmes, including two years as a primary school teacher and one year as Training Officer for NiteLine Dublin, Ireland's largest student mental health organisation.


Cillian enjoys long distance running, eating far too many sweet potatoes and wiggling his ears (a fact which he's unusually proud of).

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Steve Thompson

Co-founder & Head of Training

Steve previously co-founded the Entrepreneurs Academy in Ireland where he was the Head of Learning and Creative Director. He has worked across the corporate sector as a Senior Leadership Development Consultant for over 10 years where he focused on creativity, EQ, and teamwork. He has extensive experience in both the design and facilitation of large scale training and development programs.

​Steve has also published a book to raise money for GiveWell, designed a full-scale magic and illusion show, and built his own house from scratch.

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Joey Savoie

Co-founder at Charity Entrepreneurship

Joey Savoie is the Co-founder and Director of Strategy at Charity Entrepreneurship, an organisation that helps start high-impact charities based on extensive research. ​Charity Entrepreneurship incubated TFG and Joey continues to provide regular advisory support.


Previously, Joey co-founded Charity Science Health, a GiveWell-incubated NGO that increases vaccination rates in India using mobile phones and behavioural nudges. Joey has a background in impact evaluation and communications and has given lectures across Europe and North America on various aspects of high-impact and cost-effective charity entrepreneurship.

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Michael Aird

Senior Research Manager at Rethink Priorities

Michael Aird is a Senior Research Manager at Rethink Priorities working on Artificial Intelligence Governance and Strategy.


He previously conducted nuclear risk research for Rethink Priorities and longtermist macrostrategy research for Convergence Analysis, the Center on Long-Term Risk, and the Future of Humanity Institute. He is also a guest manager on the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund.

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Sophie Danreuther

Founder and Director at the Centre for Long Term Resilience

Sophie is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Long Term Resilience, an independent think tank working with governments and other institutions to transform global resilience to extreme risks.

Previously, Sophie worked as a civil servant across seven government departments, most recently as a Strategy Consultant at the Cabinet Office and a Policy and Partnerships Officer at the UK Department for International Development. She also co-founded HIPE, a grassroots organisation in government which uses data and evidence to help civil servants maximise the impact of their careers.

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Wesley Howell

Fixed Income Trader at Jane Street Capital

Wesley works as a Fixed Income Trader at Jane Street Capital. He holds a first class degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge where he placed second in the Material Sciences Tripos.

Wesley has previously advised & supported multiple early stage non-profits, including Charity Entrepreneurship.

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Other Affiliates


Sarah Fürstenberg, EU Tech Policy Intern


Moritz von Knebel, Research Intern

Dion Tan, Communications Intern
Iliana Grosse-Buening
, Operations Consultant

André Ferretti, Research Intern

Jordan Pieters, Research Intern

Laurens Houwink, Research Intern

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