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Upskilling talent for impact.

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We are an impact-focused training organisation.

We run fellowships that place talented professionals in impactful careers.

What We Do


Impactful Careers

We identify high impact career paths that are neglected by talented and altruistic young people, such as policy and journalism.


These careers are important to making progress on some of the world's most pressing problems: reducing existential risk, ending factory farming, and tackling global poverty.

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We build clear pathways to enter those careers, such as with the EU Tech Policy Fellowship and the Tarbell Fellowship.

These fellowships provide a combination of stipends, experienced mentors, training and placements in relevant organisations.

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We continue to provide support after the fellowships end to enable you to do as much good with your career as possible.

We are cultivating communities of ambitious do-gooders working in policy and journalism. 

What we do
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Journalism Fellowship
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Co-founder & Director

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Co-founder & Director

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Co-founder & Head of Training

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