Upskilling talent for impact.

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We are an effective altruism training organisation.

We upskill people to tackle the most pressing global problems.

What We Do



We diagnose the most pressing skill bottlenecks facing the EA movement.

We use a combination of expert
interviews, broad surveys,  data analysis, and experimentation.

We balance the time cost of exploration with the practical benefits of experimentation by piloting programmes and learning by doing.

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We design great programmes to fill those skill gaps.

We source the best course material and partner with relevant experts to co-create practical, evidence-based programmes.

To avoid “reinventing the wheel”, we adapt existing content and create bespoke content only as necessary.



We deliver evidence-based training programmes to small cohorts of EAs.


Where pre-existing material is used, we couch it in pre-readings, peer-based project work, and practical assignments.

We apply best practices from educational psychology, such as spaced repetition, retrieval practice, daily reviews, interleaving content and providing feedback.


Upcoming Programmes

26th Feb - 12th Mar 2022

17th Mar - 7th Apr 2022


Meet The Team


van Putten

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Co-founder & Director

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Co-founder & Director


Steve Thompson

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Co-founder & Head of Training

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