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Negotiate your salary. Donate the proceeds.


Negotiating for Good is a free training programme in salary negotiation, to help you increase ​the amount you donate to effective charities.


26th Feb - 12th Mar 2022

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Training for Good is running a free training programme in salary negotiation, to help you increase ​the amount you donate to effective charities.

Through practice and feedback, you will hone your salary negotiation skills while developing a concrete plan for negotiating a raise or promotion with your current employer.


This training programme will consist of:

Salary Negotiation Workshop (part one): A 3 hour interactive workshop in salary negotiation covering the following topics:

  • Prepare your case: Using the pre-session worksheets, we’ll build a compelling case for your raise. You’ll practice presenting this case & receive feedback from other trainees about the strongest elements and how best to improve it.

  • Develop a plan: You’ll develop a step-by-step approach for seeking a salary increase, from the initial message you’ll send to the exact counter-offers that you expect to make at each stage of the negotiation process.

  • Build the skill: We’ll discuss the shape that we want the conversation with your manager to take and provide an overview of the specific tactics that you can use to make this happen. In small groups, you’ll do a short 5-minute role play, practicing the conversation with your manager.

Practice Session (part two): A 1.5 hour practice session where you'll practice your negotiation skills with other trainees, receiving feedback and refining your approach.

Pre-session worksheets. These are to be completed and returned ahead of both sessions and are expected to take 1-2 hours per session.


By the end of the workshop, you will have

  • Developed a clear plan for navigating the negotiation process from start to finish.

  • Determined a precise salary goal and a compelling rationale for why you deserve it.

  • Improved your negotiation skills to drive up your earning (and donation) potential.

  • Increased confidence to ask for and successfully negotiate a significant salary increase.


Cillian Crosson

Cillian  is a co-founder and Director of Training for Good. He previously worked as a data analyst in the environmental sector and has five years experience delivering training programmes. This includes two years as a primary school teacher and one year as Training Officer for NiteLine Dublin, Ireland's largest student mental health organisation.

Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson is a co-founder and Head of Training at Training For Good. Steve has extensive experience in both the design and facilitation of large scale training and development programmes. He previously co-founded the Entrepreneurs Academy in Ireland where he was the Head of Learning and Creative Director. In addition, he has worked across the corporate sector as a Senior Leadership Development Consultant for over ten years.


This training programme is for working professionals that plan to donate a significant portion of their income to effective charities.


This training programme runs every 3 months. Upcoming dates are listed below.

  • Salary Negotiation Workshop (part one): 26th February, 3pm - 6pm (UTC)

  • Practice Session (part two): Sat, 12th March 2022, 4.30pm - 6pm (UTC)

All training is free and will be run online.​ We therefore ask that all attendees pledge to donate at least 50% of their salary increase to effective charities. (Although we understand that people have very different circumstances and are happy to discuss any and all cases).