Red Team Challenge

Red Team Challenge calls small teams together to "red team" important ideas within effective altruism.

A red team is an independent group that challenges a particular organisation, idea or claim in order to improve it. Red Team Challenge seeks to promote this practice within effective altruism. This will help break up groupthink, identify ways in which the EA community could be erring, and generally foster strong epistemic norms.

Red Team Challenge provides training in “red teaming” best practises and then pairs small teams of 2-4 people together to critique a particular claim and publish the results. This programme will help aspiring researchers test their fit and hone their reasoning ability while producing a concrete output which is useful to the EA community at large.


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<5 hours of content introducing & honing core red teaming skills

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A 2-3 hour online workshop in red teaming best practices

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Red Team

A 4 week period where teams work independently to "red team" a specific claim


The goal of this programme is for participants to:

  • Test their fit for a career in EA-aligned research or an adjacent path

  • Build skills relevant to becoming a researcher

    • Working independently & autonomously, deconstructing ideas, identifying weaknesses in arguments, reasoning transparently, etc.

  • Publish a piece of low-stakes research to build career capital

  • An additional goal is to foster strong epistemic norms within the EA community, scrutinising new and existing ideas.

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The program has three discrete parts:

  • Workshop

    • A 2-3 hour workshop focused on learning & applying red teaming best practises.

  • Red Team

    • A 4 week period where teams of 2-4 people work to independently “red team” a specific idea. The total time spent per person is estimated to be ~16 hours. 

    • A list of suggested ideas will be provided by TFG but participants can choose to red team any idea of their choosing.

    • Groups can participate together as a team, however we expect that the majority of participants will enter without an existing team.


  • Publication

    • We encourage all teams to publish their submissions publicly on the EA Forum.

    • A small panel of experienced EA researchers will then judge each submission and select a winning team.


The programme is for people who have:

  • Engaged with EA for at least ~30 hours (e.g. have participated in an Introductory EA Program).

    • However, we're also excited to see applications from people that have engaged with EA concepts for as many as 300+ hours.

  • An interest in pursuing a career in EA-aligned research

    • It's okay if you're not yet committed to research - Red Team Challenge will help you test your fit for research while building relevant skills.​​

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Upcoming Dates

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Red Team Challenge
May 7 - June 4

A 2-3 hour online workshop followed by a 4 week period in which teams work to independently “red team” their chosen idea.

Please contact with any questions.