Impactful Policy Careers

How to kickstart an effective career in policy.


Impactful Policy Careers is a free training programme to help you plan for a high-impact career in policy.


Summer 2022

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Training for Good is running a free training programme to help you plan for a high-impact career in policy. Through readings, assignments and discussions, you will craft a detailed career plan to test your personal fit and kickstart an effective career in policy. 


We expect participants to spend 16-20 hours completing this programme over the course of 4 weeks. This includes a 2-hour workshop each week along with 2-3 hours of pre-work.


The training programme will consist of:

  • Week 1 - Introduction to Career Paths in Policy

  • Week 2 - Personal Fit & Cause Area

  • Week 3 - Theory of Change for your Career in Policy

  • Week 4 - Q&A with EAs in Policy

  • Week 5 (optional) - Career Planning & Preparing Applications


By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • A better understanding of the paths to impact as an EA in policy making

  • Knowledge about the different roles that influence policy.

  • An understanding of your personal fit for different policy roles.

  • Learned and applied one or more career decision-making tools.

  • Spoken to one or more EAs that are currently working in policy

  • 3-5 career options that fit your personal criteria


Jan-Willem van Putten

Jan-Willem is a co-founder and Director of Training For Good. He previously worked as a public sector consultant, most recently for the Dutch AI coalition. He helped launch a 10-month long “Impact Challenge” to improve institutional decision making at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As managing director of EA Netherlands and as a volunteer for 80,0000 Hours and EA Consulting Network, he also provided career advice to people interested in EU (AI) Policy and consulting careers. He also revised this policy training after a first run last December.


Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a co-founder and Head of Training at Training For Good. Steve has extensive experience in both the design and facilitation of large scale training and development programmes. He previously co-founded the Entrepreneurs Academy in Ireland where he was the Head of Learning and Creative Director. In addition, he has worked across the corporate sector as a Senior Leadership Development Consultant for over ten years.


Experts working in Policy

Several EAs with expertise and experience in policy will help facilitate aspects of the programme and be available for Q&A sessions with trainees. This group represent a diversity of backgrounds, roles and cause areas.


This training programme is for aspiring policy makers in Europe (including UK and other non-EU countries) who are familiar with the basic ideas of effective altruism (eg. have completed an Introductory EA Program). Most participants are likely to be students, individuals early in their career or mid-career professionals interested in switching into policy from another career path.


This training programme runs every 3 months. Upcoming dates are listed below.

  • Summer 2022

All training is free and will be run online.​