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Training for Good is now offering 1-to-1 professional coaching for EAs and EA leaders.

Successful applicants will have a 3 month coaching relationship with a professional coach from the EA ecosystem. This will entail four sessions, each 60 minutes, spaced roughly 3 weeks apart.

Our goal is to help you clarify your aims, reduce self-imposed friction, and improve your leadership. We’ll help you debug your plans and increase your overall contribution to the world while taking care of yourself. 

The Coaches


Daniel Kestenholz

  • Daniel Kestonholz | Coaching

I help people in the community face difficult challenges and make their biggest contribution to the world while taking care of themselves. My clients include staff at CEA/80K, Charity Entrepreneurship, CLR/EAF, FHI, Rethink Priorities, and OpenAI


Tee Barnett

  • Tee Barnett | Coaching

Working with me is about having a ‘personal strategist’ that helps guide the discovery, navigation and refinement of deep perceptual constructs that meaningfully affect your personal and professional life. I’m currently trialling my coaching with leaders of organisations in Effective Altruism (Rethink Priorities, HLI, Nonlinear Fund, Fortify Health, Centre for Long-Term Resilience, etc.) 


Steve Thompson

  • Steve Thompson | LinkedIn

I have coached and trained mid and senior level leaders for ~10yrs working as a leadership development consultant in the corporate sector.  I’m interested in helping you simply and plainly identify the areas of your work and life that, if improved, would make the most difference for you and the world

Fit and rapport are incredibly important and difficult to gauge. After each session, as the client, you can decide to proceed or to pivot to a different coach or, of course, step away. Likewise, if your coach feels that it isn’t “clicking” they may discuss this with you.  


Four 60 minute online sessions spaced ~3 weeks apart.


Clients will be expected and encouraged to make considerable efforts and changes during the times between sessions. “Winning doesn’t happen in the pit stops.” 

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Coaching differs from mentoring or advising in that it is primarily led by the client.


The coach is there to help you think through the aspects of your life and work that you most want to focus on and to do so with a higher degree of accountability and investigation than you likely generate alone.

The “content” of coaching sessions is therefore not a set of topics, rather you’ll be looking at how you think, and how that affects what you achieve. 


Fees for the coaching will be means-based and you will decide the amount you pay.

Training for Good will subsidize this coaching to ensure it is available to those who will most benefit from it, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Those with budgets from their employers will be expected to pay $175 per session, but those paying directly can choose to pay what they like. We encourage you to contribute the maximum amount you can afford (i.e. such that it’s not prohibitive) and for this to reflect the value of the coaching and the coach's time and experience. 

Entering credit card details

Training for Good will help you in finding the coach that best fits your needs, in subsidising this initiative and, with your help, in the measurement and evaluation.  

Applications have now closed and we expect to reopen them in mid-2022. Please sign up to our newsletter to be notified when they reopen.