Capacity Ventures

Capacity Ventures is a 3 day programme designed to help promising participants kickstart a career in EA entrepreneurship.


This bootcamp will help aspiring entrepreneurs develop excellent decision making skills, craft a plan for upskilling in the areas they most need to focus on, and launch an impactful, self-directed project which they'll run over ~6 months.


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A 3 day virtual bootcamp with other aspiring EA entrepreneurs

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Independent Project

An impactful, self-directed project executed over ~6 months

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2-3 other upskilling opportunities to develop in the areas you most need to focus on


Capacity Ventures will mainly focus on project-based learning, covering the following topics:

  • Good decision making

    • How to create a weighted factor model evaluation (and other useful tools)

  • Skills assessment

    • Assessing which skills you should focus on developing to become a successful nonprofit entrepreneur

  • Upskilling plan

    • Identifying 2-3 concrete pathways to upskill over the next 6 months

  • Self-directed project

    • Choosing an impactful, self-directed project to run over the next 1-6 months.

    • Training for Good will provide a list of project ideas that have been suggested by people in the EA community. Participants can select from this list if they like or choose another project which they think would have a higher impact.

  • Project planning

    • Developing a 1-6 month plan for executing your project. This will include outlining criteria for determining whether your project has been successful.

  • Pitching

    • A 3 minute pitch to your cohort outlining your upskilling plan & ~6 month project. You will be expected to justify why you believe it is impactful, what skills you hope to develop and how this will lead to a career in entrepreneurship.

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In 6-12 months, participants will then have the tools and skills to launch a career in:

Applications are by invitation only.


Please contact with any questions.